API by Mesa

The API by Mesa app allows you to connect Mesa with internal services or other services that Mesa does not currently have a dedicated integration for. With Mesa and the API App together, you can now make a request to an API without writing any code.

Method: GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, PATCH (for a summary see this article

URL: Endpoint of a service, for example https://httpbin.org/anything. If you are sending URL parameters, include these here

Headers: Lets the client & server pass additional information with a HTTP request or response, for example authentication tokens, or the format to return

Data Mapping: Will contain the information that you want to send to the service - used by POST, PUT and PATCH requests


When a product is updated, we will make a POST request to the following endpoint: https://httpbin.org/anything

Once a workflow runs and the request has been sent, httpbin will return the data (product title, product handle, and price) that we sent to the endpoint. 

After updating a product and viewing the Logs, this was the Request:

This was the Response: