Connect Delighted with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with Delighted, you'll need to add your API key so that Delighted is a connected app within MESA.

You can locate your API key by clicking Integrations on the Delighted Dashboard. Then, locate API and click on it.

You will find the API key under Your API key header. Copy and paste that into your workflow and create a Delighted Credential.


Delighted Triggers

When starting a workflow with a Delighted Trigger, MESA will require you to create a Webhook before the workflow works successfully.

1. To create a Webhook, you can click Integrations on the Delighted Dashboard. Then, locate Webhooks and click on it.

2. From your MESA workflow, copy the Webhook URL seen in the field (save the workflow if you do not see an URL in the field and refresh the page). Paste the URL into the textbox on the screen.

3. **Optional Settings:**For response notifications: Set the specifications of the webhook rule (like “promoters only”)For unsubscribe notifications: Select Send unsubscribe notifications4. Click Save & turn on. Great job, you have just created your Delighted webhook!

Delighted Get & List Actions

Delighted has several actions that can retrieve or list out items like surveys, people, and etc.

In order to retrieve a specific list of things, you will need to use the Advanced Options setting, within a Step's App Configuration. If you want to list out all things, you can leave the Advanced Options empty.

In this example, we will retrieve one page worth of survey responses from a specific customer on your Delighted account.

Parameters are what helps MESA request for specific information. In the following screenshot, we use the parameter "person_email" and "per_page".

To use multiple parameters, you will want to add a " &" symbol between multiple parameters. You can also use variables in the parameters, like in the screenshot below.

If you are not sure what parameter to add, you can check the Delighted API documentation or feel free to contact our team!

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