Installing & Editing

Installing a Pre-built Workflow Template

  • Jump into the Template library page

  • Use the search bar to type in keywords

  • Select an App or Category from the left-side menu

Once you find a template that matches your need, simply select "Add template" and you are on your way to customizing this workflow for your store.

Let's walk through installing a template together. A popular MESA use case is tagging, and for this example, we'll tag customers as a "VIP" after they spend $500 or more.

In the search, enter the keywords "tag customer" and also select "Shopify" as the desired app. Voila! Templates that match these keywords appear. Let's choose the template Tag Customers with "VIP" after they spend $500 or more.

After selecting "Add template," you'll be directed to a screen that highlights the details of the workflow. Feeling good about this template? Great, hit continue to start setup!

This template uses our setup wizard, which helps walk you through the next steps of customizing this template. For example, you can change $500 to $1,000 based on your VIP program. Don't want to call them a "VIP"? You can also customize that tag!

After you have customized the template, you are ready to Run a test workflow. Feel free to pause and celebrate your new workflow 🎉

All of our pre-built workflow templates come with instructions to help guide you through the setup and optional customizations. You'll find these instructions will appear on the right-hand side of the screen or when you select "Help" while in the workflow.

Note, that our setup wizard is not yet available on all templates as demonstrated above, however, if you find yourself stuck our team is here to help answer your questions. Find contact options next to the template instructions to drop us an SOS.

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