On the Activity tab, each automation task can have the following options: Replay, Request Details, Variables Available, and Logs. To find these task options, hover on the three dots on the right of the activity and click to view the menu.


Replaying a task will copy the workflow's configuration and data into a new task that immediately runs. This is helpful if there was an issue with your Trigger/Action setup, script logic, third-party API, or if there was a minor issue with your data.

Replaying a task will continue executing the rest of your workflow steps that follow the replayed step.

FTP Inputs will require that the original file is copied back to the original location on the FTP server (as listed in the source field).

Request Details

This option most commonly appears on the Trigger step's menu, allowing you to view the details of the data initiating the automation task.

Variables Available

Selecting this option displays the data that was sent to the specific step when it ran and what variables the data offers.

Variables Available is especially helpful when setting up new automations and testing. This option can assist in identifying the fields of available data in the steps and target the variables that match your end goal.

Expand the details by selecting > to view all the variables available in each listed step.

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