Embedding templates

This small snippet of JavaScript allows MESA templates to be displayed anywhere. Embedded MESA templates are great because they keep users on your site and are always up-to-date. Embedded MESA templates can go anywhere; on your blog, onboarding emails, FAQ's, or in your integrations page. You can specify a single template you'd like to embed or list all of an app's available templates.


Add this <script> tag right above your closing </body> tag, and then add div tags where you would like the template(s) to appear.

<script src="https://mymesa.site/widgets/widgets.js"></script>

Show a single template

To display a specific template use the data-template attribute, whose value is the last part of the template's URL on getmesa.com. For example, use the code below to feature this template.

<div data-template="send-order-to-google-sheets-document"></div>

Show all available templates

To display all templates from an app, you will need to use a div with the attribute data-app and the value should be the app's name.

There is also an optional attribute to define the number of templates shown, which is the attribute data-max-items.

Here is an example of how to use the Shopify app:

<div data-app="shopify" data-max-items="3"></div>

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