Workflow Activity

The Activity tab in each workflow offers a chronological list of tasks that MESA has taken on your behalf. Here, you can view the status of each automation run and the steps within the task by clicking on the > icon next to the dates. Reminder, you can find this tab in your workflow menu just below the title.


There are several features within the Activity tab that you may find useful. But first, let's review the activity statuses and what they mean.

  • Ready - An automation task is in the queue and ready to run.

  • Error - One or more steps have experienced an error in the automation task.

  • Completed - Confirmation the automation task has been completed without error.

  • Stopped - Automations that were not completed due to an unmet condition. For example, when an automation is triggered but does not pass the filter within the workflow to complete the next or final action.

  • Replayed - An automation task that has been replayed.

  • Skipped - Automation tasks that have not been run, common status for when a workflow has been turned off or when the automation limits for your plan have been met.

Status Filter

Did you know? Each of the above statuses is available in the activity tab as a filter. It's true! Select the Status filter in the search box on the right-hand side of your activity list and the status you would like to sort into view.


If you're looking for activity that occurred on or between specific dates, you're in the right place. Select Timeframe and select Custom to open up the date filter options, these will appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

Automatic Refresh

This allows you to automatically refresh the Activity Tab to see the most recent tasks when turned on. Don't want the activity to be automatically refreshed? No worries, you can turn it off and opt to manually refresh the activity page.

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