Credentials let you securely store login information for easy use in workflows. Usually created in the workflow builder during connection setup, a single credential can be shared across multiple workflows. For instance, you can use the same Google Sheets credential across workflows that involve connecting to Google Sheets.

Credentials can be edited and deleted from in your Account Details. Let's navigate there by clicking on My Account in the menu under your account name.

Select the Credentials tab under the Account Details.

When adding new workflows to MESA with third-party apps, you'll often need to create credentials. For workflows involving platforms like Google Sheets, there are two ways to create credentials.

The recommended method is using the platform's Sign in with Google option. Follow the easy steps to login to the service and grant MESA authorization by completing the authentication process. This is the easiest way to get started.

If your service does not have a MESA app (such as Salesforce), or if you want more control over the permissions you are granting MESA, you can use your own custom app. This will require you to create an app on the third-party service and then fill in all of the fields that appear after you select Use your own custom app (advanced).

Credential Types

There are currently five different types of credentials.

  • Text

  • FTP

  • Key / Secret

  • Domain, Username, and Password

  • Shopify Private App

Let's look at a few of these credential types a bit closer.

The FTP credential is used for FTP triggers and actions. If you are familiar with FTP connections, these fields should align with your FTP service. MESA supports both FTP and SFTP (secure FTP) protocols.

The Shopify Private App credential type allows you to connect MESA with another Shopify store or to use the Shopify Plus API. When MESA is first installed, a default credential is created for the store. This credential will be selected by default for any Shopify triggers or actions you create. You also have the option of creating a Shopify Private App and entering the app as a new Shopify credential.

The MESA Admin API allows you to list, read, create, and modify Storage and Secrets. All requests must be assigned with your API key. Learn more. Credentials can also be created and accessed from MESA's API layer.

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