The Email tool allows you to trigger a workflow by sending an email after a step has occurred within a workflow. You can customize the email by using Variables.

Email is a premium app. There is a limit to the number of Premium actions we provide for free. Learn more

Email Action

The example above, from our Cancel high-risk orders template, will send an email notification to the store owner about a risky transaction.

Use commas in the Recipient field to specify multiple recipients. If HTML code is detected in the Message field, a formatted email will be sent. If no HTML tags are detected in your Message, a plain text email will be sent.


You can attach attachments to your email by inputting the URL of the attachment.

We use the file's type extension to determine the mime type of the file. For instance, if a file ends with .pdf, we will assume the mime type is application/pdf because of the extension. Similarly, if the file ends with .png, we will assume its mime type is image/png. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the attachment URLs end with the file extension.

Improving Deliverability

If you are running into issues with your emails not getting delivered, or ending up in your SPAM folder, especially when your domain has DKIM records configured, we recommend setting leaving the From email address blank. This will send your emails from We recommend setting the Reply To email address to whichever email address you would like to receive replies to your email. This field defaults to your store's contact email address set in Shopify.

Technical Notes

  • The Email tool does not allow you to add custom SPF, DKIM, or DMARC records to your domain name's DNS record, which helps improve email deliverability. If you would like to use these features, we recommend using MESA's Mailgun app.

  • Please note that the email message, including attachments, cannot exceed the per-message size limit of 25MB or it may be permanently lost.

  • We do not support sharing URLS from Google Drive or Dropbox at this time or the ability to upload a file directly in MESA. For example, the attachment URL should be publicly available and MESA should be able to directly access the file without downloading it. We recommend uploading the files to a third party service like Shopify Files and then copying the URL from there.

Email Trigger

With the Email Trigger, you can trigger a workflow by sending an email to a custom MESA email address. The information (Email Subject, Message, and Sender) sent to the custom email address can be used as MESA variables in your later workflow steps.

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