Fields are used to configure actions and triggers by adding data to them. They usually include a field name, a field label, and a field placeholder.


Text fields are common in MESA. The text field name represents its configuration, the text field label provides details about its configuration or usage, and the field placeholder generally gives an example of the expected input format. Here is an example of a text field:

Drop-down menu fields typically come with predefined options. You can identify a drop-down menu field by the arrow pointing down at the end of the field. Here is an example of a drop-down menu with a value:

If you click on the field, a drop-down menu with predefined options will appear for you to select from. Here is an example of the drop down menu options:

In certain instances you will want use a variable from a previous step, or a hard-coded value that did not appear in the drop-down list. To do this, select "Custom value" and you will be able to use the variable selector or enter you custom value:


File fields are similar to text fields, but they always expect a URL. This URL should be publicly available and directly accessible by MESA without any authentication.

Currently, we do not support sharing URLs from Google Drive or Dropbox, nor do we offer the ability to upload a file directly in MESA. We recommend uploading the files to a third-party service like Shopify Files, and then copying the URL from there.

Here is an example file field:


Mapping fields consist of two fields: 'Key' and 'Value'. They are commonly used to create key/value pair relationships, typically from static data that has been manually entered. In some cases, the key is manually input while the value is sourced from a different service.

Another common use for mapping fields is passing additional information to an API. Sometimes, we allow an object to be passed down to an API. In these cases, the mapping field is used to pass any key/value pair data, which is then converted into an object at the API level.

Here is an example of the mapping field:

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