1. On the MESA dashboard in the Automate page, click on the Create New Workflow button. Then, enter the name of your workflow.

2. Search the title Form within the search bar:

3. Once the workflow is created, click on the Open Form Builder button from a Form trigger to design your form in the form builder.

4. Drag and drop field types from the right sidebar to build your form.

5. Select the Text Field option and click on the Pencil icon to edit those field properties.

For every field, you will want to customize the Label which appears above your form field, and Name which will be the key of the variable that you will use to represent this field in the MESA Workflow.

Click the Pencil icon again or the Close button at the bottom to collapse the field details.

6. Click Update to close the Form Builder window and return to edit the workflow.

7. Be sure to save any changes to your workflow.

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