You can use Logs to search for past actions for a specific task or view an entire chain of actions for a specific task. By default, only errors will be logged for all workflows, however, additional logging can be turned on in each workflow, in the activity tab.

Our standard Logging will add simple log entries when each workflow task runs, including when it started, completed, and basic information from the step. Any calls to Mesa.log.info() and Mesa.log.warn() in your custom script will also be logged.

Turning on Debug Logs goes further and will add log entries with the request and response payload for every API call. Any calls to Mesa.log.debug() in your custom script will also be logged.


At the bottom of the Logs, there is a search bar that allows you to put in keywords, task IDs (if you have them), and other data to search for a task.

Jump to date

Next to the Search Bar, you can jump to an action of a specific task by selecting a date and time. Once you click on Search, the Logs will display actions starting from the time selected. This helps sort through the log of actions for a specific task. If you want to review the whole task, scroll up to the first log.


Next to the Date Filter, you'll find the Clear button. Selecting this will clear your most recent search leading you back to the most recent action performed by a task.


You can expand the Logs screen by clicking on Expand in the top right-hand corner. This will allow you to view more actions on a single screen.

If you wish to view fewer actions or need to use other features from MESA, click on Collapse.

Search by: Status, Task Title, Task ID

Simply click on the status of a step to see all the related actions in that sequence. You'll leave the original search and get a closer look at the details of that specific task, each marked with a unique identifier.

Clicking on Debug, System, Info, Warn, or Error will show you logs of similar types.

Clicking on the title of the step (Order Created above) will query the logs with a full-text search to find other logs triggered by the same Input or Output.

Clicking on the unique identifier of this task (6674c2f16c above) will show you all the logs related to this task and if the task has any children, those logs will appear as well.

Jumping from Logs to the Activity

Hovering over a particular log line will also reveal a small arrow icon on the left.

Once clicked on, this will show additional options:

Clicking on View in Activity will take you to that item in activity, where you can view the request details, payload, and replay tasks. You can find more information here: Understanding Activity Status.

Clicking on the title of the workflow (in the above example: Go to Add Order Tag for Free Gift) will take you to the associated workflow.

Now you know how to get your Log on to understand automation activity details in greater detail. Don't want to hang out in logs? That's ok! Most MESA users don't spend time here, but it's good to have this knowledge in your tool kit for troubleshooting.

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