Nooooo! You ran your test or a live workflow, and you are now seeing errors. It's okay; errors can be fixed.

When testing your workflow, you may find some steps in your workflow experience an error. If so, it'll appear in the testing menu after you have initiated Start Test.

When a step experiences an error, a red error message will appear to give you insight into what is causing the failure. In the above case, the variable ID is not the correct value. This means we need to return to that step in the workflow builder and update the variable. Phew, that wasn't too scary!

Every now and then, a workflow that is on and has been running smoothly might produce an error. It could be due to a third-party app credential or data issue, data that has changed since the initial setup of the workflow, etc.

To stay on top of potential errors, we recommend having your workflow notifications on so an email alert will find its way to your inbox for quick attention.

On live workflows, you will find details on your Activity tab within each workflow. This tab stores the automations MESA has completed for your store in chronological order.

Once you find yourself in the Activity tab, you'll see a list of your recent automations and their status of Completed or Error listed next to them.

Find the automation with the error and select the > next to the date the activity ran. Similar to the testing menu, each step will be listed with a status. The steps that encountered the error will be highlighted in red with the error message to help guide you on what happened and how to fix it.

This message helps direct you to the step and data experiencing the error so you can make any needed updates.

Troubleshoot error appears both in the testing menu and in the activity tab when a step fails. This opens a side menu of helpful docs and how to contact our team if you're stuck. Please feel free to reach out to our team if you are not sure what the error means. We will gladly help you resolve so you can get back to seamless automating.

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