Can I use fetch in a custom code step?

No, because the custom code environment is a V8 environment, fetch is not available. However, MESA.request is our replacement for it. You can check out the MESA SDK for more information on available functions in the custom code step.

How do you throw an error from within a custom code step?

You can do that by using:

throw new Error("your error description")

The results will look something like this:

To check if an automation was triggered by a "test" (triggered by testing a workflow) or by an actual "live" run (usually triggered with webhooks) you can check for context.task.is_test

  • Mesa will set context.task.is_test to true if the automation was a manual test

  • Mesa will set context.task.is_test to false if the automation was triggered naturally

You can also explore what context.task has by logging it in your code: Mesa.log.info('context.task', context.task);

  • For example, you can access the workflow title as: context.task.automation.automation_name

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