Hooray, you fixed the error in your workflow. You are the Ghostbuster of workflow errors! We recommend replaying the failed step to ensure you vanquished the error completely.

It's a quick walk-through, so let's go!

Replay in the Test Menu

After a test run doesn't go as expected and you've updated the workflow step that failed, you may return to your Test menu. The window will pop back up with the test run that failed.

This error was so five minutes ago!

Open the three-dot menu to reveal the Task Options and select Replay to let this step run again with the updates. The failed step will show "Replayed" and the newly run step will show a "Replay" status.

Replay in your Activity Tab

In each workflow, you will find an Activity tab under the title. This is where the status of all your automations runs will be viewable. Go ahead and dive into that tab.

Activity for test and live workflows will appear here.

The Activity tab offers several ways to find and filter this view. For errors, you may select Status on the right-hand menu and filter by Error to find all automation runs with errors or scroll down the list.

After you've updated the workflow and banished the error, you'll find the Replay option is available under the right-hand side menu when selecting the three dots. Give it a click to initiate the replay.

Should you run into another error when you replay a step, the error message guides you on the next steps for troubleshooting. If you're feeling puzzled by the error message, send us a note and we'll happily put on our proton packs to assist.

The MESA team is ready to help with errors!

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