Technical Notes

Success Redirect URL

The Success Redirect URL field can add your own redirect that displays a success message after a form is submitted.

The Captcha field can add a Captcha Checkbox to prevent unwanted spam from bots and solicitors.

Pre-populate Field Values

You can pre-populate the value of any field by setting the Value field in the Form Builder field settings.

Default values can also be passed via query string parameters as long as the field's Value has curly brackets around the same values as the field's Name: {{}}

For example:

  • Field's Name: Email

  • Field's Value: {{email}}

Then, linking to the url {{form_url}}? would pre-populate the Email field with the value

The success message can also be overwritten by passing the success_message querystring parameter. For example: {{form_url}}?success_message=Your+return+is+in+process.

Hosted MESA Forms on Shopify support these same querystring parameters.

Here is an example for a field's Value: {{}}

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