Connect Sendlane with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with Sendlane, you will need to connect Sendlane with MESA by locating your Sendlane API Key.

1. To locate your API Key, login into Sendlane here:

2. Once logged in, you should be on the API page ( Account > API within the Sendlane dashboard). Under Sendlane API V2, click on the API Token button.

3. Enter a Token name (Ex. MESA - TEST) Then, click on Create.

4. Your API Token will only be shown to you once (during the token creation process) so you will want to make sure to click on the Copy API Token button. You won't be able to view the API Token once you quit out of the screen.

5. Back in your MESA workflow with the Sendlane step, paste the copied API Token into the API Key field.

6. Click on the Add Credential button. Then, you are all set! MESA is now connected with your Sendlane account.

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