Connect Stripe with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with Stripe, you will need to connect Stripe with MESA. Click on the Connect with Stripe button.

Afterwards, you will be brought back to your current workflow and you are all set! MESA is now connected with your Stripe account.


Configure Stripe Triggers

When using any of Stripe's triggers (e.g. Customer Updated, Customer Subscription Updated), you will need to create a webhook in the Stripe Dashboard.

Follow these instructions to set up your webhook in the Stripe Dashboard.

1. In a new tab on your browser, visit the Stripe Dashboard:

2. Sign in into your account.

3. On the right hand side of the top navigation, click on Developers.

4. Click on Webhooks under the Developers heading.

5. Click on the Add an endpoint button.

6. Go back to the tab with your MESA workflow open. Locate your workflow's Stripe trigger and click on the Stripe trigger.

7. Click on the Edit button.

8. Then, click on the Copy icon next to the Webhook URL field.

9. Go back to the tab with the Stripe dashboard open. In the Endpoint URL field, paste the copied value.

10. You can leave the Description field blank and leave the option Events on your account selected, under Listen to.

11. Next, click on the Select Events button under Select events to listen to.

12. Select the event that is related to your trigger. For example, if your MESA workflow's trigger is Customer Updated, then you would select Customer > customer.updated

Please do not select more than one event for your webhook.

13. Once you have selected your single event for the webhook, click on Add events.

14. Finally, click on the Add endpoint button. You are all set for that specific MESA workflow with the Stripe trigger. You will want to do this for every workflow that contains a Stripe trigger.

👋 Still have questions? If you need any help with configuring your workflow, email us at Our Customer Success team will be happy to help!

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