When you're setting up your first workflow with Smartrr, you'll need to authenticate MESA with Smartrr.

1. To locate your Smartrr Access Token, login into your Smartrr account.

2. From the left hand sidebar and under Configuration, click on Integrations.

3. Click on API Keys from the top navigation.

4. If you already have an existing API Key, skip to Step 7. Otherwise, click on Create Key.

5. Input names for Token Nickname and Application Name. If you need an idea, you can input "MESA Token" and "MESA" into the two fields. Leave the default dropdown menus alone and click on the green Create button.

7. Afterwards, click on the clipboard to the right of your preferred API Key and click on Copy API Key.

8. Go back into your MESA workflow and paste what you just copied into the Smartrr Access Token field within the Credential section. The API Key is also known as the Access Token.

9. Lastly, click on Add Credential and then you are all set!

You can re-use the newly created credential and select it for your future workflows!

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