Tracktor Retrieve Order & Tracktor Retrieve Fulfillment Actions

This action retrieves information about the order or fulfillment. These steps are used when you want to grab the most up to date information related to the order or fulfillment.

Required fields are Order ID or Fulfillment ID. To locate the Order ID or Fulfillment ID, you can click on the variable icon [<>] icon in the field to utilize MESA's Variables feature.

In most cases, Tracktor will be able to detect which variable you should select (under the Recommended header).

Tracktor Update Order's Manual Status Action

This step requires an Order ID in order to update the order's status. To update the order's status with a custom order status or Tracktor status (Order Ready, In-Transit, Out For Delivery, Delivered, Exception), you'll want to select the More Options button.

More Options Fields

  • Status: The status that you want to update the order with in your workflow. To select a status, click on the dropdown and click among the listed statuses. Do not input the name of the status.

  • Automatic Carrier Updates: If you are using the custom order status feature in Tracktor, select No in the dropdown. You can leave the field empty if you want to use the existing order's automatic carrier updates setting.

  • Force Updates: Yes is a recommended value**.**

Potential Use Cases with Tracktor

Integrating with Klaviyo: Send a review email from Klaviyo once an order has been delivered

Click here for more information on our Klaviyo article.

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