Connect Govalo with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with Govalo, you'll need to create a credential by clicking on the Connect with Govalo button.

Important: You must have the Govalo by Govalo app installed on your Shopify store before authenticating with Govalo. Click here to install the app.

You will see a modal in the Govalo app. Click on the Approve button to complete the process. You are all set and you can re-use the newly created credential for your future workflows!


Create Webhooks for Govalo Triggers

Important: MESA's Govalo Triggers can only be used by Govalo Premium and Enterprise customers at this time.

When using a Govalo Trigger with Govalo, you will need to create a webhook in your Govalo Shopify App.

Follow these instructions to set up your webhook in Govalo.

1. In a new tab on your browser, visit the Govalo app from your Shopify Admin's Apps page.

These instructions assume that you have created a gift card in Govalo already. If you have not, please configure your first gift card first. Then, proceed to Step 2.

2. Click on Configure from the top left navigation.

3. Then, click on Webhooks under the General section. If you do not see Webhooks under the General section, please contact the Govalo support to help enable webhooks on your store. You can mention that you wish to enable Webhooks on your store (https://[[store domain]]

4. Going back to MESA, locate your workflow with the Govalo Trigger and click on the Govalo Trigger.

5. Click on the Edit button.

6. Then, click on the Copy icon next to the Webhook URL field.

7. Go back to the tab with the Govalo app open.

8. In the Webhook URL field, paste the URL that you just copied from MESA.

9. You will then want to select the topics which corresponds to the Govalo you added in your workflow. So for MESA's Govalo Gift Card Created trigger, you should select Gift card created under Select topics, as we only want to receive data for this one topic. The topic selected will vary depending on your Govalo trigger.

10. After selecting the relevant topics for your webhook, click on Save. You are all set! Head back over to MESA. 😊

Create Card action

The Create Card action is currently only available to merchants on the Govalo Enterprise plan at this time.

When adding a Create Card action, you will need to fill out some required fields before being able to save your workflow.

Required Fields:

  • First Name: The recipient's first name.

  • Last Name: The recipient's last name.

  • Email: The recipient's email address.

  • Value: The gift card value. Whole numbers are recommended. Example: 10

  • Event Type: This is defined by you. Normally used to label why the Gift Card was given. Example: birthday

  • Product ID: The Govalo Gift Card's Shopify Product ID. Click on the Gift Card product that you want to get the Product ID for > Go to the URL at the top and copy the number that comes after /products/. Example: 6767472148503 from ../products/6767472148503

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