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How can you create test Shopify orders automatically?

To create test Shopify orders automatically, you can set up a workflow using a tool like MESA. First, define the variables for the number of orders you want to run through, and then fetch a list of recent orders. Next, use the most recent order to populate the test order you want to create. You might want to test a specific SKU, in which case, you can plug those details into the custom code.

The custom code generates an array with the number of rows, which will be used to loop over in the next step. Use a loop step to create the orders. While testing, it was found that MESA could create up to 40 orders per minute, and it's possible to parallelize the process for even heavier load testing if needed.

Keep in mind that Shopify API rate limits apply, and higher-tier plans like Shopify Plus offer higher rate limits for testing purposes.

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Does MESA support the gift cards API?

We do not have direct support for Shopify's Gift Card APIs. Because they are only available to Plus users, we decided to remove them from our app to avoid confusion.

However we do have an integration with Govalo which is a great option for gift cards.

How do you test on a product that isn't available in the testing panel?

For the Product Created and Product Updated triggers, we pull in the most recent 250 products over the API and allow you to search through them in the testing panel in order to run the workflow on that specific product.

However, if you have more products than that in your Shopify account, and you're wanting to test on a specific product that isn't showing up in the testing panel, here's how you can do that.

From the product page in the Shopify backend, add .json to the URL and you'll then get a JSON payload for the product. Now copy and paste that into the Advanced tab in the testing panel.

How do I Find and replay a task for a specific order?

In some cases, a workflow may fail while running through an order. If this occurs, it is recommended to replay the specific task that failed. You can see if the issue was a one-time problem or a structural problem within the workflow. If the error occurs again after replaying the task, more troubleshooting or adjusting the workflow may be necessary. Follow the steps below on how to find and replay a task for a specific order.1. Starting from the MESA dashboard, navigate to the My Workflows page and click on the workflow. In the workflow, click on the Activity tab.

3. Enter the order number into the search field and see the task related to the order.

4. Click on the > icon to the left of the date. Every task in the workflow will then display.

5. Then, click on the vertical three-dotted icon next to the first task in the workflow. Lastly, click on Replay and Continue which will replay the task with the same details. Afterwards, MESA will display the replayed task.

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