When you're setting up your first workflow with Dropbox, you'll need to create a credential through MESA's Dropbox app or through your own custom Dropbox app.

Click on Connect with Dropbox to complete the process.


When you connect Dropbox with MESA, Dropbox will create a folder called MESA, under an Apps folder.

Step Configuration fields

File url

This field is designated for the uploaded file's url.

How to fill out this field

1. If you have installed MESA's existing template called Send Uploadery file to Dropbox, the template will have this field pre-filled with: {{loop.value}}.

2. An another common use case would be sending uploaded files to Dropbox every time a Shopify order is created. Click here to set up this existing MESA template.

3. If your workflow set-up is different than the above two scenarios, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team for further assistance on how to find the correct File url variable.

File path

Files will be uploaded in a folder called MESA by default. As an optional adjustment, you can specify which folder within the MESA folder that you'd like to send the files to.

Here is an example that sends uploaded files into a folder called Orders within the MESA folder: /Orders/{{filename}}

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