Connect with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with, you'll need to add your Domain, Username, and Password so that is a connected app within MESA.

You will find this from your account's Settings page > API Keys, as API Key Public, API Key Private, and Store Hash.

Back in your MESA workflow, click on Add Credential to finish the process. Afterwards, you can re-use the newly created credential and select it for your future workflows!


Adding points to a customer

You can build a MESA workflow to automatically add points to a customer profile!

1. To do this and after you have created the first part of your workflow, you can add the MESA's List Customer action.

2. in the List Customer's Step Configuration field, use the Variables feature to select the customer's Email from a previous step. If your workflow does not have this information, you will need to add an action that can provide the Shopify Customer's email. See the screenshot above for an example.

3. Next, click on the + Add Step button at the bottom of the workflow. Then, select MESA's Retrieve Customer action.

4. in the Retrieve Customer's Step Configuration field, use the Variables feature and then select the List Customer Results Customer ID variable.

5. Next, click on + Add Step and add the Add Points Adjustment to Customer action.

6. In the Step Configuration and for the Customer ID field, use the Variables feature to select the Retrieve Customer Customer ID variable.

7. Lastly, fill out the number of points in the Points field. Then, for the Reason field, add a reason for why you are adding points to the customer. These fields are required.

8. At the top of the workflow, hit the Save button to save your changes.

9. Hit the toggle to switch it to On when you are ready to start using the workflow. Save your changes and then test the workflow out!

I don't see my workflow activating when I update something in

For triggers (such as Review Created), there may be a delay of up to a couple hours from when the review was created or updated in to when it is received by MESA. This is the normal behavior of the API. As a result, you may not see immediate activity in your MESA workflow.

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