Credentials provide secure access to the integrated app that you use in a MESA workflow. Your Gmail credential securely links your workflows with your Google account.

When you're setting up your first workflow with Gmail, you'll need to create a credential through MESA's Google App or your own custom Google App. Click on the Connect with Google button to finish the process.

Afterward, you can re-use the newly created credential and select it for your future workflows!

Important Details

There are different limits and maximum limitations depending on your account type.

  • Free Gmail account: If you use a free Gmail account, you are limited to sending a maximum of 500 emails in a 24-hour period, and a maximum of 100 addresses per email.

  • Paid Google Workspace account: If you use a paid Google Workspace account, you are limited to sending a maximum of 2,000 emails in a 24-hour period.

  • Free trial period: Anyone using the free trial period for a Google Workspace account is subject to 500-email maximums until you convert their account to the full paid version and complete a 60-day waiting period.

Note: If you exceed any of the above limits, your account can be suspended for up to 24 hours.

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