Send Email


You can attach attachments to your email by inputting the URL of the attachment.

We use the file's type extension to determine the mime type of the file. For instance, if a file ends with .pdf, we will assume the mime type is application/pdf because of the extension. Similarly, if the file ends with .png, we will assume its mime type is image/png. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the attachment URLs end with the file extension.


  • The Send Email action cannot reply to email threads at this time.

  • Please note that the email message, including attachments, cannot exceed the per-message size limit of 25MB or it may be permanently lost.

  • We do not support sharing URLs from Google Drive or Dropbox at this time or the ability to upload a file directly in MESA. For example, the attachment URL should be publicly available and MESA should be able to directly access the file without downloading it. We recommend uploading the files to a third-party service like Shopify Files and then copying the URL from there.

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