Row Created

The Row Created trigger polls your spreadsheet and returns a list of rows that have been added. To get started, Authenticate and select an existing Spreadsheet and Sheet. Then click the Sync with spreadsheet button to retrieve the columns from your spreadsheet. These columns will be available as variables in future steps in your workflow.

You can choose to return all rows or filter only a subset of rows using the same query options as the Query Rows action. This example will only return new rows that are added where the City column value is "Oakland":

Updating polling frequency

You can change your polling frequency under advanced. Reducing the frequency to every 5 or every 1 minute might require a plan upgrade.

Tip: If your spreadsheet has a lot of columns that take a long time to enter we recommend using a longer polling frequency to avoid workflow runs with partially-completed columns.

How we determine a row has been added

MESA keeps track of how many rows your spreadsheet contains and only triggers your workflow for new rows created since your last run. When you first turn your workflow on, we determine the number of rows in your spreadsheet. During the next workflow polling session, we will trigger a workflow run for any new rows that have been added since your last run.

Changing your filter criteria will reset our calculation of the last row in your spreadsheet. If you turn your spreadsheet off and then turn it back on, we will also re-calculate the number of rows in your spreadsheet.

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