Skio Subscriptions


Setting up Skio Subscriptions Triggers

When using any of Skio Subscriptions triggers (e.g. Order Created, Subscription Cancelled), you will need to create a webhook in the Skio Dashboard.

Follow these instructions to set up your webhook in the Skio Dashboard.

1. In a new a tab, go to the Skio app and click on Account > API from the left hand sidebar.

2. In your MESA workflow, click on your Skio Subscriptions trigger and click on the Edit button.

3. Then, click on the Copy icon next to the Webhook URL field.

4. Go back to the tab with the Skio dashboard open and paste the copied URL into the URL field.

5. Click on Save webhook.

6. Afterwards, you will see a Token value. Click on the link icon to copy the value.

7. Back in the tab with MESA open, paste the copied Token value into the Skio Trigger's Webhook Token field.

8. Lastly, click Save on your workflow. You are all set for that specific MESA workflow with the Skio trigger. You will want to do this for every workflow that contains a Skio trigger.

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