Connect with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with, you will need to create a credential through MESA's App or your own custom Google App. Click on the Connect with button to finish the process.

On the next screen, login into your Kaleido Account or create your own account. currently has issues with sending a confirmation email when you sign up with a Google account. If you'd like to sign up via Google, please create an account outside of MESA first: Once you are logged into your account, please go back to your MESA workflow and refresh the page. Then, restart the connecting process by clicking on the Connect with button.

Afterwards, click on the Authorize app button from the Permissions page.

You will be brought back to your current workflow and you are all set! MESA is now connected with your account.


Sending an image URL to

If you have an image URL, you can input the image URL into the Image URL field.

You can also use MESA's variables in the Image URL field. For example, if you currently use Uploadery by ShopPad, you can create a workflow that removes all background images from every Uploadery file included in a Shopify customer's order: Uploadery Order Created Trigger -> Loop -> Remove Background Image step.

Using's edited image

You can use MESA's Variables feature to use's edited image in a later step in your workflow. The Result URL variable will contain the image with no background.

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