Connect Segment with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with Segment, you'll need to add your Write Key so that your Segment "Source" is a connected app within MESA.

First, you will need to set up your Source for MESA to send to. The easiest Source type to use would be the HTTP Tracking API Source.

After the Source is set up, you will have to locate the Write Key for posting to that Source. It can be found on the settings tab or when you first create your Source.

1. From the Segment dashboard, locate the Source under Sources (left hand side bar).

2. Click on Settings and then API Keys. Click on the Copy button next to the Write Key.

3. Paste the Write Key into your MESA workflow's Segment Action and click on Add Credential. Then, you are all set!


How to send data from Segment to MESA

In order to send Segment data to MESA, first set up a new MESA Workflow, with the trigger as Webhook by MESA.

Copy the Host field value from the MESA Trigger and navigate to the Segment dashboard to create a new Webhooks Destination.

Click into the Destination Webhooks Connection Settings in order to add the copied link to your MESA trigger.

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