Digital Humani

Connect Digital Humani with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with Digital Humani, you'll need to add your API Key so that Digital Humani is a connected app within MESA.

From your Digital Humani account, click on Developer from the left hand navigation. Copy the value next to API Key.

Once everything is entered, click on Add Credential to connect MESA with Digital Humani!


Locate Enterprise ID

Some of MESA's Digital Humani actions, such as the Plant Trees action, include a field for Enterprise ID. This field is required and ensures that your tree planting request is attributed to your Digital Humani account.

Once you have added a valid Digital Humani credential, click in the field and you should see your Enterprise ID displayed. Simply select it and you are done.

Choose a reforestation project

With MESA's Digital Humani Plant Trees Action, there is a required field called Project ID, which allows you to specify which project you wish your tree planting request to go to.

Once you have added a valid Digital Humani Credential, you can click into this field to view, search, and select a list of available reforestation projects. For more details on each project, click here.

How tree planting requests work

When you send a tree planting request, it is forwarded by Digital Humani to the associated reforestation organization. The reforestation organization will send you an invoice directly to pay for the trees planted. More details can be found here.

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