Creating New Spreadsheets

The Create Spreadsheet, Create Sheet, and Bulk Add Rows actions allow you to create and populate new spreadsheets with a host of data.

Create Spreadsheet

After Authenticating, give your new spreadsheet a name and optionally select a Google Drive folder to place your spreadsheet in. Your spreadsheet name can use Variables from a previous step. Oftentimes it is helpful to use a Date Variable as shown in this example.

After this step runs, you can click on the link in the Activity list to view your spreadsheet in Google Sheets:

Create Sheet

This action will add a new sheet to an existing spreadsheet. After Authenticating and selecting a spreadsheet, give your new sheet a name. When the step runs it will be added to the end of your spreadsheet's sheets list. Select the Custom value option to select a variable from a previous step (for example a Create Spreadsheet step):

Bulk Add Rows

This action makes it possible to add multiple rows to your spreadsheet in a single step. Authenticate and select an existing Spreadsheet and Sheet. Then

Adding comma-separated data

The simplest way to add multiple rows is to enter them as comma separated values. Variable can be used within your comma separated list to include values from other steps. When this step runs:

It will create these rows in your spreadsheet:

Adding array data (Advanced)

Typically you will want to build an array of results from a Transform or Custom Code step. To do this, create a Custom Code step that returns an array of arrays like this:

Then copy this step's key:

And enter this key as a liquid variable in the Spreadsheet Rows field:

When this workflow runs it will add these rows to the spreadsheet:

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