Connect with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with, you'll need to connect with MESA.

Click on Connect with to start the process. You may be asked to login into your account.

Once logged in, you will be prompted to authorize MESA with Click on the Authorize button.

Afterwards, you are all set! MESA is now connected with!


Create Activity action

You can create custom activities that allow you to reward customers for completing an action that you define. MESA has prebuilt custom activities that you can configure on your dashboard which you can view by clicking on the Activity Type dropdown menu in the Create Activity action.

Before you can successfully use the Create Activity action, you will need to:

1. Login into your account by going here:

2. Once you are on the Programs > Points page, scroll down and ensure that your Points status program is active.

3. Scroll back up and click on the Add ways to earn button.

4. In the Smile Apps section, select the earning action by MESA you'd like to add by clicking on the name of the action.

5. Configure and fill in any required fields to complete the earning action setup. Decide how many points a customer can earn and set the status to: Active

6. Click Create to save the action you just made!

7. Back in the MESA workflow with the Create Activity action, select the appropriate activity in the Activity Type dropdown menu based on the newly created earning action.

Ensure that you have selected the correct Activity Type. Otherwise, MESA will not create activities appropriately.

If you'd like to create multiple MESA workflows with the Create Activity action for different earning actions, you will need to repeat steps 3-7 for each different earning action.

Customer ID field

To create activities on a customer's profile, you will need to fill out the Customer ID field in the Create Activity action.

1. The best way to get a customer's ID is to add a Get List of Customers step before the Create Activity step. Here is an example:

2. Then, in the Get List of Customers step, use the Email field to get a list of customers based on the specified email address. In most cases, you will want to use MESA's Variables feature to select a variable that represents an email address.

3. In the Create Activity step, you can use the Variable feature to select a variable under the Get List of Customers step that represents the ID

4. You will be prompted with a Workflow Hint. In most cases, it would be okay to click on Return first item. If you are not certain, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team!

5. You are all set. Save your changes!

👋 Still have questions? If you need any help with configuring your workflow, email us at Our Customer Success team will be happy to help!

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