Infinite Options


Infinite Options Order Created Trigger

This trigger retrieves all product options from an order created with Infinite Options. This is used when you want to collect any option selections the customer chooses on orders that have options from your Infinite Options app.

Optionally, select the Label on Cart of a specific Infinite Options field to only filter for that option.

If the field is left empty, it will return all option selections. Enter multiple Label on Carts separated by a comma.

Potential Use Cases with Infinite Options

Add a tag to an order based on Infinite Options selections

Follow the steps below to add an order tag based on Infinite Options selections made by the customer.

1. From the My Workflows, click on Build from scratch to start a new workflow. 2. Select Infinite Options as the Trigger of the workflow. Then, click Start on the action titled: Order Created. In this example, I will be entering the Label on Cart of my custom Message option to filter this step to proceed based on the custom Message being added to the order.

3. You'll then want to add a new a step by clicking the plus sign icon (+), selecting Shopify from the apps list, search for Order Add Tag and click the Use button when it populates.

4. Add the Infinite Options Order Created Order ID variable to the required Order ID field by clicking the Variables menu icon [< >] and selecting the ID variable.

5. Add the tag you want to apply to the order by entering it in the Tag field of the Shopify Order Add Tag step. In this example, I will add the tag Message to the order.

6. After adding your tag, click Save changes. When you’re finished, your workflow should look like this.

7. Toggle the workflow On and complete some of the best practices for MESA.

You are good to go now! Any orders with a custom Message will now be automatically tagged with a Message tag.

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