When using any of Square's Triggers (e.g. Customer Updated, Refund Created, Order Created), you will need to create a webhook in the Square Developer Dashboard.

Follow these instructions to set up your webhook in the Square Developer Dashboard.

1. In a new tab on your browser, visit the Square Developer Dashboard: https://developer.squareup.com/apps

2. Sign in into your account.

3. Under Applications, click on the Gray plus button if you have not created an app for MESA just yet.

4. Enter MESA as the Application name.

5. Then, click the Save button.

6. Afterwards, you will be taken back to the Applications page. Locate the newly created App and click on the Open button.

7. In the left hand side navigation, locate Webhooks > Subscriptions. Click on Subscriptions.

8. Click on Production at the top of the page to toggle the button to Production.

9. Under Webhook subscriptions, click on the Add subscription button.

10. Go back to MESA. Locate your workflow with the Square Trigger and click on the Square Trigger.

11. Click on the Edit button.

12. Then, click on the Copy icon next to the Webhook URL field.

13. Go back to the tab with the Square Developer dashboard open.

14. In the Webhook name field, enter the name of the MESA workflow trigger for simplicity.

15. In the URL field, paste the copied Webhook URL.

16. Leave the default API version as selected.

17. Under Events, please select the appropriate event that corresponds to your MESA trigger.

For example, we have selected order.created for MESA's Order Created trigger.

If your MESA workflow starts with a trigger besides Order Created (i.e. Customer Updated, Refund Created) and you are unsure what event in Square corresponds to your trigger, please reach out to our Customer Success team at contact@getmesa.com.

18. Once you have selected the event, click on the Save button.

You are all set for that specific MESA workflow with the Square trigger. You will want to do this for every workflow that contains a Square trigger.

Technical Notes

While our Square integration has extensive possibilities to achieve your workflow goals, there are some current limitations to be aware of.

  • Our integration does not allow you to use Square as a third-party payment provider in Shopify.

  • Square orders cannot be automatically created in Shopify and linked with the original Square order when placed via Square. Vice versa, Shopify orders cannot be automatically created in Square and linked with the original Shopify order when placed via Shopify. Limitations between both services and their APIs prevent this currently.

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