When you're setting up your first workflow with Odoo, you'll need to add your Domain, Username, and Password so that Odoo is a connected app within MESA.

You can locate the Username and Password by clicking on Settings, from your Odoo Apps page.

From Settings, locate General Settings and then Users. Click on Manage Users.

Select the checkbox next to the user with that you want to connect MESA. Then, click on Actions (gear icon) and then Change Password.

If your user does not have an existing password, enter a New Password and then Change Password.

If there is already a password set, copy the email address under User Login and paste it into MESA's Odoo Credential's Username field. Copy the user's password and paste it into MESA's Odoo Credential's Password field.

The domain will be something like: https://mycompany.odoo.com.

If the Odoo database name is different from the domain itself, enter both in the MESA's Odoo Credential's Domain field separated by || : domain||database. Example: https://mycompany.odoo.com||mycompany-master-1234

Be sure to add the domain without a / at the end of the URL.


Send Shopify order and customer details to Odoo template

Follow this article on how to set up this template.

Custom Model Actions

In MESA, you will see some Odoo Custom Model actions. They are helpful for Odoo objects that MESA does not currently offer as an in-built action. Once one of these actions is selected, you can specify the name of the object you wish to interact with.

A common example of a Custom Model can be found in the Send Shopify Customer to Odoo Contact template, where we pull down the equivalent Country and State Odoo codes (res. country and res. state respectively) for a customer's address.

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