Connect Slack with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with Slack, you'll need to connect your Slack account with MESA.

Click on the Connect with Slack button to begin the process.

You will then see this permission screen. Click Allow.

Afterward, you can re-use the newly created credential in your future workflows!

Inviting the @Mesa Slack bot to your channel

In Slack, invite the @Mesa user to the channel you would like to post in. Type "@Mesa" in a new message and click the Invite Them button:

Slack will confirm that the user has been added:


Selecting the channel to post to

In MESA, open the Step Configuration section of your Slack step. In the Channel field, type the first couple letters of your channel name and it should appear in the list. If your channel's name is not appearing in the list, please make sure that the @MESA user has been invited to the channel.

You can also manually enter your channel name by clicking "Custom value".

Customize your Slack message with Variables

Variables can be understood as a placeholder that will be filled in at the time a workflow runs with actual data. You can click on the {+} button in the Message field to select variables.

Here is an example of how you could customize your Slack message.

Formatting Messages

Slack's mrkdwn formatting can be used to add links, make text bold or italic, add lists and more. Emojis can be added with the colon syntax, for example: :thumbsup: will be displayed as 👍. Refer to Slack's documentation for more details.

Mentioning a specific team member in a Slack message

To mention a specific person or bot in slack, just wrap their @ handle in brackets: <@johndoe>. For example, this message:

Will appear like this in Slack:

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