Update Row

This action updates and existing Google Sheets row in your Spreadsheet. To get started, Authenticate and select an existing Spreadsheet and Sheet. Then click the Sync with spreadsheet button to retrieve the columns from your spreadsheet and you can configure the updated values for columns using Variables or text like the Add Row step.

In addition to column values, you need to enter the row number that should be updated. In this example:

Entering Row 3 would replace the value of the first column in Row 3 of the spreadsheet:

Getting the row number

If you have a Row Created or Query Rows step in your workflow that filters results MESA will not be able to return the row number associated with that record. In these instances, we recommend adding a column to the end of your spreadsheet with a header "Row" and the =ROW() formula for reach row in your spreadsheet:

Then you can select the Variable for that column in the Update Row step:

Empty columns

MESA will not overwrite values for empty columns at the end of your spreadsheet. If you would only like a single value to be updated, we recommend moving that column to the beginning of your spreadsheet.

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