Cancel a Shopify order

You may cancel your Shopify order using MESA's Shopify Cancel Order step. The Shopify Cancel Order step can be used in a number of scenarios, typically based on certain characteristics, for example automatically cancelling fraudulent orders.

To locate the Order ID, your workflow will need to contain a Shopify Order Created step before the Shopify Order Cancel step. You will need to use MESA's Variables feature, the <> icon, which is located to the right of the field. Afterwards, MESA will suggest the variable for Order ID so you will want to select that.

You can also select the Amount to be refunded (see note below), a Reason, and optionally send an Email to the customer.

Due to a Shopify limitation, including the Amount field when canceling an order with only an authorized payment can result in Shopify not capturing the reason or sending an email. Therefore, Shopify recommends omitting the Amount field if the order only has an authorized transaction.

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