API Deprecation

After June 29, 2024, Klaviyo's steps in your automation will no longer function due to an API deprecation by Klaviyo.

What does this mean for my workflow?

If you've created or installed a workflow that uses a Klaviyo action(s), our team will have created a duplicate version of your workflow that will have a prefix in the title called "Klaviyo Update:" that you will need to use going forward.

Here is an example of what your duplicated workflow will look like:

You will need to update your Klaviyo credentials, enable the newly duplicated workflow, and disable the old workflow.

You will need to create a new API private key credential only once, but you will also have to manually go through each Klaviyo step and select the new API private key credentials.

Steps to create your new Private API Key Klaviyo credential

  1. In your newly duplicated Klaviyo workflow, click open a Klaviyo step and the Authenticate menu so that you're prompted to setup your new private API key credential.

  2. Next, click the link provided in the setup instructions to navigate to the API Keys page of your Klaviyo account.

  3. Once you’re on the API Keys page of your Klaviyo account, click the Create Private API Key button.

  4. Next, type MESA in the Private API Key Name field and select Full Access Key for the Select Access Level.

  5. After naming the key and selecting full access, click the Create button to create your private API key.

  6. Next, copy the private key you’ve just created by clicking the clipboard icon in the Your Private Key field.

  7. After copying the key, navigate back to the workflow and paste your key in the API Key field, and click the Add Credential button.

  8. Finally, once you see your new credential added with the menu Authenticated, click Done and save your changes.

  9. If you have multiple Klaviyo steps in your workflow, be sure to open the Authenticate menu of each one and ensure that the selected credential matches the newest credential you've just created.

  10. After updating all the Klaviyo step credentials, save the workflow and enable the "Klaviyo Update" workflow while disabling the old workflow.

After that's done, you're all set!

Additional Notes

If you are using the List Subscribe action, it will now be called “Subscribe Profile.” The new Klaviyo action equivalent requires asking for consent from the users. If you do not wish to ask for users' consent, this requires a few new actions. Please contact us, and we can help based on the requirements of your workflow. If you are okay with asking for consent, you do not need to do anything about it.

Feel free to reach out to our team for any questions or assistance at contact@theshoppad.com via email or catch us on chat through the beacons in app.

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