How can you create test Shopify orders automatically?

To create test Shopify orders automatically, you can set up a workflow using a tool like Mesa. First, define the variables for the number of orders you want to run through, and then fetch a list of recent orders. Next, use the most recent order to populate the test order you want to create. You might want to test a specific SKU, in which case, you can plug those details into the custom code.

The custom code generates an array with the number of rows, which will be used to loop over in the next step. Use a loop step to create the orders. While testing, it was found that Mesa could create up to 40 orders per minute, and it's possible to parallelize the process for even heavier load testing if needed.

Keep in mind that Shopify API rate limits apply, and higher-tier plans like Shopify Plus offer higher rate limits for testing purposes.

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