Include Fields

The Include Fields feature allows you to trigger a workflow (that starts with a Updated trigger) when specified fields are updated in Shopify, preventing the workflow from executing for every update. When using this feature with Created triggers, a workflow will trigger whenever a field is present and not blank.

If you wish to trigger a workflow when a tag is added to a Shopify product, you must use the Product Update trigger which responds to every update made to the product. Then, by using the Include Fields feature with "Tags" selected, this will allow your workflow to only trigger when a tag has been modified.

❗It is important not to edit enabled (live) workflows to add the Include Fields feature, as it may disrupt future automations. We recommend duplicating the workflow first.

Limitations and Caveats

  • Using this feature limits your workflow to receiving only the data specified in your input fields from Shopify. For additional information, consider adding a MESA Retrieve step after the trigger.

  • An "update trigger" starts the workflow when a field's value changes for the first time after setting the trigger. For instance, if your workflow uses a product update trigger for tags, any initial change to the product, like a title update, triggers the workflow if it's the first change to the tags.

  • Using the Include Fields feature won’t limit what you see in MESA’s Testing and Variables features. All data and variables will still appear.

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