Example Automation Build: Add Placeholder Image when Products are Created

This Automation is especially useful if you are adding many products to your store automatically (from a third party service).  In this example, we will create an Automation that adds a placeholder image when products are created. 

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. From the Dashboard tab and from the Create your own workflow quick start, trigger this automation for when a Shopify Product is Created:
  2. Finish the automation creation stage with a Shopify Product Update and click Make My Automation.
  3. Now we see the Automation page. First, let's tell Mesa which product we want updated. To do so, insert a Product ID Token by clicking the {+} icon and selecting the ID token: {{shopify_product.id}}
  4. Then, let's tell this Shopify Update Product Step to update the product image.  To do so, update the image by scrolling to the bottom of the Configuration step and adding a Custom Field.   We want to update the SRC field of the product with our desired image URL:
  5. Nice!  Now whenever a product is created, Mesa will update this product with this image. We want to add one more step in though. We want to tell Mesa to only run this update when the product created has no image associated with it.  

    To do this, let's add in a Filter. Click the + symbol.
  6. Then find the Mesa Filter Connector and add it in.    
  7. Now we want to tell Mesa to only run this automation when the SRC field equals nothing
  8. Now our Automation is complete. It should look something like this:

    Enable this Automation and save!  *HIGH FIVE*
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