The Approval by MESA app can pause any workflow and require manual approval of data that's about to be published to the next step.



The Message field can be used to add information about the specific task running that will help determine if it should be approved or rejected. The message will appear in the Approvals Tab as well as in notification emails if they are configured. It supports variables and basic markdown syntax.

Pending requests will display in the Approvals tab.


Enter an email address that should receive an email notification when a new pending approval is created. All recipients will receive an email. Be sure to check the "Promotions" tab in your email client, or add to your contacts list if you are not receiving emails.

Advanced Options

You can optionally allow additional data to be passed along to the next step of your workflow. Open the Advanced Options accordion and check the Additional Information checkbox. You can enter values and labels to appear in your select list using the Additional Information Options field-set that appears. This data will be passed to the next step as the {{approval.field}} variable.

In cases where "Approve" and "Reject" are not the appropriate labels for the two actions, they can be overwritten by changing the Approve Label and Reject Label fields.


If you are using custom Approve and Reject labels, we recommend using only one Approval action in your workflow.

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