Actions Graph: 

Displays the total number of actions within the past month. You can hover over the line graph to see how many actions were used each day.

Actions Used Graph:

Displays the total number of actions used and the total number of actions not used. It also lets you know when your plan resets. 

Detailed Chart:

Displays information in regards to your current Mesa plan.

  • Plan Period: This lets you know the date your plan resets on.
  • Automations: The number of automations you can have on your store. 
  • Log Retention: Specifies how long task details are stored. This includes  payload , context, and all the logs related to the execution of a specific task. Tasks can be replayed as long as the log information is retained.
  • Compute: The maximum time and memory limits that may be consumed during an individual run of a script. Time and compute resources related to the Triggers and Actions (i.e. the time required to download a file from  a FTP  server) is not included.
  • Incoming Rate Limit: This number is based on the number of Triggers you have. This is the limitation of how much you can process per second.
  • API Key: This is the API key required to make requests to the Mesa API Layer.

If you see that your store needs to upgrade or change plans, please reach out to our team.