Create an Airtable Record for Shopify Orders with Discounts

Setup is required before this template will work. Follow the steps below.

Mesa allows you to monitor sales by discount to collect valuable customer information in an Airtable record.

Let’s get started 🚀

Follow the steps below to set up this workflow.

1. In the Mesa dashboard, click Create New Workflow.

2. Add Create an Airtable Record for Shopify Orders with Discounts in the Name field.

3. Click Continue.

4. Select the Shopify app in the app menu, and then do a search for Order Created and click Start.

5. Next, do a search for the Iterator action in the app search, and select the Iterator by Mesa app.

6. With the Iterator step added, use the Token selector {+} to add the Discount Applications token from the Shopify Order Created step.

7. Next, click the Add Step button below the Iterator step and do a search for Filter in the app search. Click the Filter by Mesa app to add the Filter.

8. In field A of the Filter, use the token selector to add the Type token from the Iterator step. Then in field B, enter the word manual.

Your Filter step should now read as Iterator Type Equals manual.

9. Next, click the Add Step button below the Filter step and do a search for the Airtable app in the app search. Select the Airtable app, and then click Use This on the Record Create action.

10. In the Airtable Record Create step we’ve just added, be sure to select or create your Airtable credentials

11. With your credentials added, you will need to fill out the Base and Table fields and then click the Retrieve Table Fields button to bring your Airtable fields into the workflow.

If you have not created an Airtable Base for this specific workflow, click here to follow this guide on creating a base.

From there, you can add fields to your Table for where you will map the specific order and customer information. In this example, the fields we’ve added are Order Number, Notes, Customer Name, Discount Code, and Order Price.

Feel free to add any additional fields you might find useful to your store.

12. With your fields added to the step via the Retrieve Table Fields button, you can now map the order information to your Airtable Record by using the token selector {+} in each field.

13. After adding your tokens to the fields, scroll to the top of the workflow and click Save to save your changes and complete the setup. With everything setup, the steps of your workflow should look like this:

14. Click Enable the workflow to start using the workflow. Any orders that have a discount used will start collecting discount information for your store!