Premium Apps

Premium Apps include the following:

Some Mesa apps are designated as Premium Apps. These apps have a gold "Premium" badge that appears next to the app title in the Discover tab and within the Workflow Builder.

There is a limit to the number of times a premium app can run each 30-day billing period that depends on your MESA plan. Once you have exceeded this limit, any Workflows with a premium app task included will be marked as Skip in your Activity tab. You will be able to replay that task from your Activity list after your billing period has rolled over or after you have upgraded your plan. On the Reports tab, you can find the date that your billing period will rollover and keep track of your premium app usage.

Each time your step is executed, it is counted as one premium app task. For example, if you have a workflow with an Email by Mesa step followed by a SMS by Mesa step, your premium usage would increase by two every time that workflow is executed. 

We will alert you by email along with a banner within the app once your premium app usage is approaching your plan's limit.

If you consistently find yourself exceeding your premium app limit, a suggestion would be to switch your workflow step to an alternative non-premium app. You can view the documentation for each premium app for suggestions of apps with similar functionality that do not have a premium limit.