How to find and replay a task for a specific order

In some cases, an automation may fail while running through an order.  If this occurs, it is recommended to replay the specific task that failed. You can see if the issue was a one time problem or a structural problem within the automation.  If the error occurs again after replaying the task, more troubleshooting or adjusting the automation may be necessary.  
Here is how to find and replay a specific order:
  1. Navigate to the Logs tab in Mesa. 
  2. Search for the order by order number or order_id.
  3. Click on the log entry corresponding to this order number or order_id, and then click on View in Queue.
  4. Navigate to the parent task (the task starting with In).
  5. Click on Replay Task.
  6. Navigate to your queue and check to see how the task(s) ran.  
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