MESA Plan Trials

Getting started with your MESA plan trial

The Hobby, Professional, and Business MESA plan comes with 7 days of free access to MESA's paid features:

  • Pro apps: Salesforce, Odoo, and Hubspot. Currently available on the Professional and Business plan. 
  • Shopify Booster Pack
  • Multiple workflows: 
    • Hobby plan includes 5 enabled workflows
    • Professional plan includes 20 enabled workflows
    • Business plan includes unlimited enabled workflows
  • Multiple connected apps: Connect to third-party services to access a wide range of templates and create workflows that touch on multiple points of your business.
    • Hobby plans includes 5 connected apps
    • Professional plan includes 20 connected apps
    • Business plan includes unlimited connected apps

Learn more about MESA's pricing plans.

Trial expiration

At the conclusion of your 7-day free trial, billing will begin for the plan you selected. If you choose not to continue with the plan you selected, you can downgrade or upgrade at any time during your trial or once your trial concludes. If you decide to downgrade plans and an active workflow using paid features is enabled, MESA will prompt you to turn off workflows or remove connected apps before proceeding with your plan downgrade.

Example: If you were on a Professional plan trial and installed a Salesforce template and turned it on, you would need to turn this workflow off if you wanted to downgrade to the Hobby plan since Salesforce is a Pro app and not available on the Hobby plan.