Premium Apps

Premium Apps include the following:

Some MESA apps are Premium Apps. These apps have a teal "Premium" badge that appears next to the app title in the Discover tab and within the Workflow Builder.

These apps are double the fun, double the automation. When a workflow with a Premium app runs a single automation, MESA counts it as two automations. There is no limit to the number of Premium apps you add to a workflow. MESA will only ever double the automation runs if you include 1 or 100 Premium apps in your workflow. 
For example:
Workflow A runs 1 automation: Shopify Order Created +  SMS by MESA = 2 automations
Workflow B runs 1 automation: Shopify Order Created +  SMS by MESA + Email by MESA = 2 automations
If you enrolled in a plan after May 25, 2022, you will no longer have a monthly Premium app usage limit. Workflows with a Premium app will now be doubled for every automation run and will count towards your plan's monthly automation limit. Additional charges per automation apply if the monthly automation limit is reached.