Getting Help

Educational Tutorials

The MESA blog hosts an extensive series of workflow tutorials that are designed to provide step-by-step guidance on automating the various aspects of your Shopify store. These tutorials are created with the intention of offering actionable insights for users at all levels of technical proficiency. Whether you are new to automation or looking to enhance your current setups, the tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from initiating your first automation workflow to integrating more sophisticated processes that complement your store's operations.

Our YouTube channel offers a library with hundreds of videos that walk viewers through a diverse range of popular and cutting-edge automation use cases.

We also post educational content and tutorials on Twitter, so be sure to follow us @GetMESA

Customer Success

Our MESA support team can assist you if you have questions, need help dialing in an automation, or would like help creating a workflow from scratch. Beyond reaching out to our MESA support team for general questions and inquiries, we offer several other support options based on the level of service you need.

Our friendly, knowledgeable MESA support team is available Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PT via email and chat to help you with your MESA questions and inquiries. Available on all MESA plans.

Complimentary setup with a launch manager

Work closely with your dedicated launch manager for help with simple to sophisticated workflows, from start to ongoing support. Available on the Flex, Advanced, and Unlimited plans.

✏️ Examples of what your dedicated launch manager can do with a complimentary setup:

  • Personalized onboarding and ongoing support

  • Brainstorm new workflow ideas

When the MESA support team builds a workflow or adjusts a template on your behalf, we will confirm your workflow requirements first and then double-check that your plan supports the workflow we’ll be building. If we determine that the workflow will require an upgrade because it includes an app available on a higher plan or is a more detailed workflow than your plan allows, we’ll let you know first so you can determine if you’d like us to continue.

Expert Workflow Setup

Let MESA's team of expert automators turn your idea into a workflow! Our Expert Workflow Setup follows our 3-step process for automation success:

1. Once you submit your request, our team will get to work creating a new MESA workflow using the instructions that you've provided.

2. After about one business day your workflow will be ready and our team will send you an email with directions to view, test, and turn on your new workflow.

3. We'll also create a custom video that walks you through the steps of your new workflow in simple, easy to understand language, so you can make adjustments and automate with confidence.

Requesting the Expert Workflow Setup

Navigate to your account settings on the top right of the MESA app dashboard and select Help. You'll then need to click the Request workflow setup option.

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